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2x12" The Poisonous Path #81950

The Poisonous Path See Larger Images and Variations
tri-color w/ splatters
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Release Date: February 28, 2020

Gatefold 2x12" LP

"The Poisonous Path" is a raging beast, a monstrous work straight from the hell-depths which distils a deeply mephitic climate into an addictive poison. The production is massive, the riffing intense, the atmosphere suffocating and the melodies vicious and bewitching – pure dark sonic alchemy.

Having forged their own amazingly impure path over the years, they are at the height of their unholy Art and comfortably seated on the throne of Devilish Black Metal!

Comes with 12"x12" 20-page booklet glued on the gatefold, A4 poster and download card.
Pressed on tri-colour heavy vinyl with splatters and laser engraved etching on side D.

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